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Foster care can be good for small children under the age of 13 but Foster care is dangerous for teenagers.
Mrs. Deb are you still fostering children or have you retired? I am trying to use your article for an essay for my college English class.
Sorry I saw this so late. I no longer foster. I had a houseful that became permanent and focused on them.
Hi! My name is Emily Gil and I’m doing an investigative journalism assignment about this topic and was not only very impressed by your essay, but very intrigued to know more. Is there any way I can contact you? My email is [email protected] Hopefully you’ll see this comment. Thank you so much!! And good job!
Emily Gil- which newspaper do you work for? Are you trying to interview adults who have been in foster care? I went through hell and back.
I don’t work for a newspaper, I’m just a college student! Interviewing you would be a great help, so yea! Email me! Thank you.
Foster care abuse testimony.
My foster cousin punched me in my face when I was 15 for refusing to steal from a bank and his motive was that he assumed that nobody cared about me because I was a Foster child. My Foster cousin that punched me in my Face when I was 15 was aged 19 at the time back in 1996. I never knew that I could report the incident so I took revenge against his younger brother by setting up his younger brother to get robbed. On 1 occasion my Foster mother used the excuse of saying that I must clean her house to get my pocket money so that she can stop giving me pocket money if I don’t clean her house according to her standard. I assume her motive was to eventually give my pocket money to her grand children that were jealous my designer clothes. I reported my Foster mother for trying to use such a pathetic excuse to stop my pocket money to my social worker and my social worker demanded that she give me the pocket money that she owed me, but I never knew that I could report the fact that my foster cousin punched me in my face because I was also afraid that I would become homeless and my schooling would become disrupted if I had to regularly move between different foster homes like other victims in foster care. When I was 17 when I left my foster mother because she was protecting her grand son that tried to fight me. I also became homeless when I left Foster care. I’m now 35. Today I suffer from Post traumatic stress disorder caused by a culmination of bad experiences that occurred during my child hood. During the 1990s most children did not have mobile phones and the mobile phones that existed were contract phones. Pay as you go mobile phones did not exist in 1996, so it was harder than it is today to report abuse in Foster care. 1 of my old friends was beaten up by his foster father so he later took revenge and burned down his Foster parent’s house and he even went to prison for the burning down of his Foster parents home. A Foster child is a target for exploitation because envious people that are related to the Family of the Foster carer often assume that nobody cares about children in care. Teenagers in Foster care are at risk of not being able to differentiate between friend or foe because they can be deceived by their foster family that only pretend to care about the Foster children in care. Foster carers can be manipulative and abusive and violent towards their Foster children. Foster homes are also not good for freethinking teenagers because Foster homes are often used as places of recruitment for religious cults. Foster care deceived me into thinking that my foster family cared about me when they only wanted to destroy me. The sooner an individual learns that nobody cares about that individual the safer that individual can become. Good advice for children in care is to stay close to people that care about you, that may include members of your original family and also the creation of support groups. Also associate with other children in state care but make sure that they have good morals.
My support group in addition to my original family was my child hood Gang Even though it may be a bad idea for a child to be in a gang. My childhood gang on 1 occasion humiliated the younger brother of my Foster cousin that punched me in my face. (Unfortunately my childhood gang betrayed me so I had to separate from my child hood gang). Never allow a teenager to go into Foster care because Foster homes are Dangerous for teenagers. Teenagers that are growing up in the care system of the government authority should be put into Group homes with 24-hour trained staff and Closed circuit television recording instead of Foster care. Group Homes are perfect for teenagers growing up in care and the only problem with Group homes for teenagers in care is that Group homes can be very expensive to operate. Before I was put into Foster care as a teenager I entered the care system at the age of 13 and I was put into a Group Home but I was later forced to go into Foster care and leave the Group home because the council that provided me with care decided that Group Homes were too expensive to operate. I was forced into Foster care because my Group Home was forced to close down because the council was not able to get the money to keep my Group Home open. Group Homes need money to stay open.

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