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Amsterdam Prostitutes & Health.
Me: How often do you get tested for sexually transmitted diseases?
Felicia: I do everything safely, every time I take off the condom I check it if it is not broken. I check it when I go home and regularly with my personal doctor.
Me: But like few times a year or month?
Felicia: Not a few times a month, no. You actually have to wait more than a week to get your results. I heard stories before from other girls who say they check themselves everyday but you can’t. You have to wait for more than a week for the results so thats…
Mark: Thats really stupid, haha!
What If Your Boyfriend Would Get Into Prostitution?
Some years ago, male prostitutes stood in the window brothels as part of an experiment and promotion for the RLD.
Me: What if your fiance would also become a sex worker? Would you be okay with that?
Felicia: I don’t think he can do it!
Mark: …But the question is; if I would!?
Felicia: Yeah, but I know that he can’t. You know they did an experiment once, putting a couple of guys inside some window brothels. After a day those guys felt really bad because they couldn’t take the stress, waiting times or the jokes. You know, some people think everybody can do this job but it’s not really like that. I saw girls who just couldn’t do it. They can’t take the stress or just don’t have the patience for it.
Career of A Window Prostitute in the Netherlands.
Me: What’s the average time ladies spend working in a window brothel? One year, two years?
Felicia: Depends on how smart they are. And it also depends on what year you started because if you started a few years ago then the work was really good so you could save up a lot of money and stop. If you start to right now then I don’t know.
Felicia: I really don’t know. From when I started 6 years ago there aren’t that many left. A few came back.
Mark: I think the average duration is around 4 to 5 years if I remember correctly. It also makes kind of sense to me because there are some women that really work for a long time like 10 to 15 years and there are some girls who do it for 2 years. It’s really difficult to say.
Felicia: Pretty much about how smart you are. One of my best friends from Bulgaria decided to spend as little money as possible and save everything that she made. She worked for 4,5 years and she quit now.
Me: And whats your ambition? How long do you want to work here?
Felicia: Not for long, I started to get to the point where I feel like I can’t do it anymore.
Felicia: No it’s not that. There are days when its just not worth it anymore to do this job for the amount of money. You still make more money than when you do another job but it’s not as high as it should be or used to be.
Mark: You basically make two times average income, something like that?
Felicia: Before I was making like 50, 60 or even 70,000 a month and now you go down to 10,000.
Me: So, I don’t need to know exactly what you earn, but now you’re saying that you’re monthly income is less than 10,000 Euros?
Mark: I think it’s closer to 4000 or 5000. It went down a lot. Before she made many times more money than currently.
Felicia: So that’s why you start to get to the point where its not worth it anymore.
Dreams & Possibilities.
Me: And are you considering other things? A nine to five job or starting another business for yourself?
Felicia: I pretty much want to go back to my home country, I don’t want to stay in Amsterdam. Before I wanted to stay but these days not anymore. I’m starting to see a lot of things here that I don’t really like so I want to go home, and start something for myself over there.
Me: Do you already have an idea?
Felicia: It is really difficult. I would like to open my own gym for example but there are already so many gyms in my city it’s not really a good idea. I have to come up with something original.
Mark: I think every working girl has this idea of starting her own business. Start a beauty salon, start a hair salon, start a nail salon, haha.
Felicia: A beauty salon would be nice but I think I don’t have the patience to do that. I would have to go back to school to learn that and that is too much at this point.
Prostitution & Anonymity.
Me: I also wanted to know why you guys use a pseudonym on the internet? I get why Felicia uses a pseudonym but why does Mark use one?
Mark: Because my parents don’t know that my girlfriend does this kind of work. We talked about this for a long time. My parents are Dutch so you would suppose that they would be very open about this. But I talked with a lot of other sex workers and how they experience these things and we basically came to the conclusion that even though Dutch people think that we are very open people in reality, when it comes to sex work, we are not as open as we think.
Felicia: Not at all actually.
Mark: Yeah, we are actually pretty close minded. I’ve started to see more openness about sex workers in other countries than in Holland, really interesting.

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I am not the lone voice in the wilderness. Statute and policy changes over the last decade have reduced the number of children in foster care by 20 percent. Some states are striving to include “differential response”—the ability to engage a family’s strengths, and provide supports to mitigate their weaknesses, while the children remain at home. Differential response promises more flexibility in responding to abuse and neglect reports, a less adversarial relationship with parents, and a commitment to better understand the family issues underlying the reports of maltreatment. In 2012 almost half of the children who left foster care returned to their families after less than one year. Could these children have remained home while their parents received the help they needed? Would they have been at least as safe as they were in foster care? The AFGARS Report states that 122,173 children were reunified with their families in 2012. How might we have better identified those families likely to succeed, perhaps reducing the need for out-of-home care?
When children are removed from homes where they are being abused or neglected, and placed in safe homes with well-trained providers, they are free from immediate harm. Should we breathe a sigh of relief? Is it enough to have accomplished the short-term safety of a child at the expense of long-term outcomes?
Just nine states “quickly and safely return foster children home to their biological families when possible.” It’s clear that safe, well-trained foster homes are the best type of homes when children must enter foster care. But some evidence suggests that even good homes with well-trained providers contribute to adverse long term outcomes. In my experience, although the children I fostered made many positive gains in personal, educational, and social development, their transitions into adulthood were consistent with other foster alumni who struggle with drug abuse, mental health disorders, incarceration, early pregnancy, and homelessness.
ali and I lost touch after she left our home at age 12, couch surfing for a while before moving in with her birthmother’s ex-boyfriend. Her mother was in jail for the umpteenth time. By age 16, Cali got a job, an apartment, and took in her younger brother, who was 10. I met her again when she was 25. She had just finished raising her brother while caring for her own two small children. Cali’s mother, her mother’s ex-boyfriend, her sister, and her brother were all in prison.
“The only reason I know anything about being a mom,” Cali said, “is because of the two years I spent in your home.”
I did a decent job with many challenging children. Still, many of them would be considered alumni with negative outcomes: arrests, convictions, early pregnancies, unemployment, lack of health care, psychiatric hospitalizations, chronic physical ailments, and mental health disorders. When I think about them, I don’t see failure. I admire their ability to take responsibility for their actions, strong work ethic, kindness toward animals, children, and the elderly, a strong sense of humor, sociability, perseverance, and hopefulness. Can I claim that my care instilled these qualities?
Would the children I love have had better outcomes if they had remained in their original homes with attachments to the world they knew? Would the parents have been more successful if the state had provided intensive resources while the children remained at home? When I started out, I was certain our foster children were better off in our home.
Nearly two decades later, I feel less sure.
ReMoved, a short film about a young girl in foster care.
For foster care alumni:
For those who would like to help a young person in foster care:
Like this? Please share:
I had never considered the pressure of conforming to each home’s set of rules, especially in regards to religious values. Something so basic that it didn’t even cross my mind, truly would disrupt the childs’ structure cyclically.
Thank you for sharing.
I know, right? What we believe is such an intrinsic piece of identity, and it develops so organically from our environment that we claim it as our own. Yet to moved from belief system to belief system before we have any claim on who we are is so discombobulating. So very sad.
You are a hero, Deb. Selfless and passionate. You call it “Lucky” – but you built that.
I’m no hero, Elliot. I’m just a witness, trying to do something because doing nothing would be unbearable.
I’m with you Elliot.
A number of years ago, I was working with a young woman who had her children removed from her care, including her 5 week-old nursing baby. She claimed the children were removed because the social worker assigned to her “thought” she planned to skip her require baby weigh-in. When the police arrived unannounced at K’s door at 11pm to take her children, she went wild, and was arrested and held overnight in the county jail, barefoot and leaking milk.
K was, in my eyes, young and impoverished, but a dedicated and attentive mother who was working as hard as she could for her kids. However, as a teacher in a residential treatment program, I had worked with children who had no parental contact because of horrific situations, and I had faith that like me, the people working this case had the best interest of the children in mind.

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Dating Colombian Girls.
As you begin to meet Colombian girls, go on dates, get to know them, and make sweet love – you’ll want to understand a few more things:
Romance: Colombian women love romance. They want to feel that you’re sweeping them off their feet. They want to be swept up in the seduction. This may sound complicated to create, but the vibe of many girls in Colombia make it easy. You’ll begin to feel romantic, too. Don’t be afraid to let a little of your inner softy out in this country. Love has a different meaning in Spanish. Don’t hesitate to use the “L” word with latinas. Be the Man: You have to lead any interaction with Colombian women. They want to embrace their feminity, and the only way this can happen is if you embrace your masculine side. Be flirty, be romantic, but be stern and lead the interaction at all times. Flakes Happen: Colombian girls are flakey. This is 100% true. If you don’t learn to understand this fact – you’ll go nuts in the country. I’ve seen a number of guys get frustrated with girls continually flaking. Thye just can’t accept the fact that it’s going to happen in Colombia. I didn’t mind it. Sure, it was annoying scheduling 2-3 dates a day just to ensure one girl shows, but I liked the flexibility it gave me. I could flake, too. The girls would understand. Speak Spanish: Some Colombian women speak English. The best ones don’t or don’t like to. The more Spanish you know, the better you’ll be. This doesn’t mean you have to have Spanish to sleep with babes in the country. That’s not true, but better Spanish does help.
In Colombia, you may be going on more second and third dates than you’re accustomed to. This is normal and bound to happen, especially outside of Bogota. I’d start with a first date that involves drinking and run the date as you would in the United States. Down a few drinks and push for a bounce back to your place. I got about 50% of my dates back on date one. For reference, this percentage was over 90% in Peru. If she won’t do it, then see if you can get a make out in and bid her goodnight.
If she refuses to come over after two dates and a night out on the town, then she’s playing you. Be more careful of playgirls in Medellin.
Keep Women in Colombia Around.
I like Colombian women, but I wouldn’t say they’re are far superior to women from other countries until actually dating them comes into play. These girls are fun and nice. They like to take care of their men. I loved having a Colombian girl come over and cook for me. Homecooked meals, kitchen blowjobs, and homemade sex tapes. Yeah, if a woman in Colombia is into you, then you’ll be taken care of quite well.
There’s not much more to say. Colombian girls have their faults just like all of us. Some guys absolutely hate the women in Colombia. The girls from the country have a unique vibe that doesn’t match with a lot of dudes. My vibe matched well, and I really enjoyed my time in Colombia. If you like cute Latinas and the possibility of surgical enhancements – then I’d advise you to check the wonderful country out, too.
Originally created to help men get more cute chicks through online dating, this blog has evolved. Back in the day, I found it insanely difficult to find a lick of decent online dating advice for men online. So I decided to figure shit out on my own. And then I wrote about it. Instead of only dropping online dating advice, I’ve found myself learning more and more about travel, health and fitness – along with online dating.
A holiday ‘sex resort’ in Colombia offers men prostitutes alongside spa days and horse riding trips.
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A BROTHEL in Colombia is branching out into the luxury travel market, with its own “holiday sex resort.”
The Good Girls Sex Resort in Cali, Colombia, provides the typical vacation experience, but guests can also purchase local women for the night.
Guests who check into the resort get typical holiday activities like horse-riding and golf, as well as threesomes and room service from escorts.
Packages range from $599 per person a night, right up to $1,499 a night.
A message on the website reads: “Good Girls is a resort where you are attended by the most beautiful Latin women, who will be your guardian angels for as long as you decide.
“At Good Girls our goal is to turn your fantasies into reality.
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The basic “Overnight Package” at the resort costs $599 per person.
For that money, the guest gets the company of a “Good Girl” overnight, an en-suite room in the main resort villa with a queen-size bed.
They also get airport transfers to Cali’s Alfonso Bonilla Aragon International Airport and a 24-hour bilingual host.
For $300 more a night, guests get free food and drink, a private villa, access to parties and tours as well and the $11,99 package gets a spa pass, golf and a threesome experience thrown in.
The top package is the $1,499 a night “Gold Package”, which provides guests with two girls for 24 hours, an executive villa, a VIP nightclub experience, a bottle of Champagne and an aerial city tour.

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“Street prostitution is very dangerous but, unlike indoor prostitution, it allows women to meet someone who can give them a message of hope so they know they are not alone and they can be helped,” Paradiso said.
Migrant sex workers rarely escape as they are scared of repercussions and they do not trust authorities. Getty.
Paradiso explained that migrant sex workers rarely go to the police as they are scared of repercussions and they do not trust authorities.
“The biggest obstacle for us is that we have to defeat diffidence, they don’t trust us,”she said.
“At the beginning of 2000 more women used to report to police. But the situation is very critical now because the only women who speak out are in a very dangerous situation and they have been oppressed, beaten and are scared. If they speak out, it’s to escape death.
“In some cases, such as with Romanian prostitutes, exploiters arrange with the sex workers to equally divide the earnings to decrease the chances that the women would run away and report them to the police.
“Another reason that prevents some prostitutes from running away is their fear of Voodoo. The madam [a female procurer who shares the earnings of sex workers] often threatens them with Voodoo.
“We can only combat their fears by providing a counter-ideology and defeat misconceptions and myths.”
Other main obstacles that prevent prostitution from being defeated are corruption and political unrest, which prompt traffickers from other countries to smuggle women in Europe.
“Prostitution and immigration are huge business and certain people will continue to exploit women if they can benefit from it,” Paradiso continued.
“The economic crisis is also a negative factor. In recent years, the Italian government has cut on funds for projects aimed at supporting women. This has caused an increase in prostitution as it is more difficult to protect women without funds.”
Paradiso explained that even during their journeys to Italy and the rest of Europe, female migrants are abused, beaten and they often die.
“While we were in Nigeria during one of our projects, a woman said that she was going through the desert with traffickers and she was being abused by them,” Paradiso said. “She told me: ‘If you are strong you can manage it, but if you are weak they leave you behind and nobody will help you. It’s a certain death.’
“Once these women reach Italy, they are usually met by a madam who obliges them to repay a debt for having been taken to Italy. Sometimes we speak about €80,000 (?58,000) and €90,000.
“These women are forced to work as prostitutes to pay back the madam, who often threatens them with killing their families.”
Rosanna Paradiso, president of Tampep Italy and a colleague during an event on human trafficking Tampep.
Tampep works with several associations to prevent slave trade and to sensitise people to the issue of prostitution.
“We also work with authorities to tackle the problem and we run informative campaigns at international but also at local level,” Paradiso said.
“Due to government cuts we don’t have permanent support and funds and we manage to survive only if we have new projects that are approved and financed,” she concluded.
Sex for sale: The truth about prostitution in Britain.
Who are the key players in Britain’s 21st-century sex industry? “Not me,” you’re thinking. But the term “sex industry” is a catch-all for such a multifarious collection of sex-associated objects and activities, that there is scarcely an adult in Britain whose life it doesn’t touch in some way.
The sex industry encompasses anything that joins sex and commerce, be that a plastic toy bought from Ann Summers, a copy of Playboy, dialling a premium-rate number for phone sex, or paying a tenner for a hand job down a back alley, not to mention erotic fiction, porn films, stag-night strippers and lap-dancing clubs.
In terms of prostitution, the stories we tend to hear are the most tragic – such as the murders of five prostitutes in Ipswich in 2006; a horrific story, but a quantum leap, thank God, from the experiences of most women who sell their bodies for a living – from those working in saunas, massage parlours and brothels to escorts and companions who can earn six-figure incomes.
One in 10 British men has visited a prostitute. Yes, that’s 10 per cent. And who is servicing them? Around 80,000 sex workers, a figure that is said to include 4,000 women and children trafficked into the country to work as sex slaves. Our laws on paid sex, Home Secretary Jacqui Smith declared, are long overdue for a rethink.
“We need to send out a message to men and to society in general, that most women do not choose to be in prostitution, whereas the buyers have free choice,” she said last week. Transferring the burden of criminality on to the punters, or “johns” as prostitutes call them, who pay to have sex with anyone who is “controlled for another person’s gain”, is at the centre of Smith’s plan to remove the trafficking industry’s market and, with the same blow, shrink the prostitution trade.
The Home Secretary believes making examples out of unthinking punters will scare off those men who do not care whether the woman whom they are paying for sex has been smuggled in from China, or is working for a pimp or to pay off a drug dealer. Women’s minister Harriet Harman joined the campaign yesterday, asking members of the Women’s Institute to help with the crackdown by complaining to newspapers who print adverts offering sex with foreign women.

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But I also have to say, if it were not for sex work, I would not have been able to go to school, I would not have been able to buy a laptop, I would not have been able to go to England in the first place. Doing sex work has given me a lot of class-based opportunities that I would not have had otherwise.
My ten-year plan? I would like to have written a book. I’d like to be producing a lot more porn. I feel it is possible to shift the norm from porn being an unhealthy thing to being really positive and open-minded. I want to continue to create that.
“Sex Work” is a weekly series that profiles women who have careers in sex-related industries — from porn stars to sex researchers and everyone in between. Check back every Tuesday for the latest interview.
Cheryl Wischhover writes about beauty, health, fitness and fashion. Follow her on Twitter .

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