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Out Of The Shadows: Child Prostitutes Speak Out.
Leanne Yohemas -Hayes and John Chilibeck , Capital News Online, Ottawa.
[accessed 24 April 2011]
She turned her first trick when she was 13 and worked in a brothel with other girls as young as 11. They sold their bodies in the back of a knick-knack shop in Vancouver ‘s Gastown tourist district. Lewis felt she was making big bucks when she finished a night’s work with $30 in her pocket.
The Dark Side Of The Street.
[accessed 24 April 2011]
Prostitution is a serious issue in Calgary . It is so serious because so many people are hurt by it, not just the prostitutes themselves:
· parents and families of prostitutes.
· spouses and families of people who use prostitutes.
· community members who must live in neighborhoods where pimps and prostitutes operate.
· youth and young adults who are at risk of being seduced into prostitution.
Why Do Youths Get Into Prostitution?
[Last access date unavailable]
While many child prostitutes are girls who come from troubled family situations, anyone can become a victim. They don’t have to be poor, they can be female or male, they can be any age, and many young prostitutes still have families who care about them. Here are some common factors that can lead to young people getting involved in "the life:"
Who Becomes A Child Prostitute?
[Last access date unavailable]
Typical profile of a female prostitute and typical profile of a male prostitute.
Teenage Prostitution – The Real Story.
[Last access date unavailable]
Many young girls are lured into a horrible and tragic life of prostitution involving violence and drug addiction. In early Calgary , ‘ladies of ill repute’ were often arrested and charged, while their customers were treated lightly. Today, prostitutes are often teenagers or younger children. Police have come to realize these kids are not criminals, but victims. That’s why police have changed their strategy to focus more on the ‘pimps’ who control the girls, and the ‘johns’ who are their customers.
Child Prostitution: Whose Child Next?
Charis Demetriou , Cyprus , TakingITGlobal , Dec 30, 2002.
[accessed 24 April 2011]
13-year-old Anna was tied to a chair by a man in his late 20’s in a dark, wet room. Her wounded legs lay motionless, while her tired black eyes stared with panic at the beaker of boiling water which the man threatened to pour down her throat if she refused to go on doing what he demanded: selling her body. Shockingly enough the above scene was not set in Thailand or the Philippines as most would expect, but in Toronto , Canada , for Anna is unfortunately only one of the 1500 child prostitutes living in this city, the 10,000 child prostitutes across Canada , and the more than 700,000 child prostitutes in the so-called developed West.
Presentation To The Parliamentary Committee On Solicitation.
38th PARLIAMENT, 1st SESSION, Subcommittee on Solicitation Laws of the Standing Committee on Justice, Human Rights, Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, March 31, 2005.
[accessed 24 April 2011]
MS. HERMINA DYKXHOOME – Another area of great concern to the members of my organization is Canada ‘s low age of consent: 14. This is the lowest age of consent in the western world; in Canada it is legal for a girl of 14 to have sex with an adult male so long as she gives consent. The incidence of child prostitution in the Netherlands more than tripled between 1996 and 2001. Many of those youths were being brought into the developing world, a form of trafficking. Young girls and boys of 14 or even younger are already prostituting themselves in Canada ‘s cities. Any move towards legalization will put the government’s seal of approval on an already dangerous and demeaning practice, particularly when it involves boys and girls.
Women, girls, and young boys involved in prostitution usually have a disrupted education, few skills, little experience, and diminished prospects for meaningful employment. Sheltered housing, job training, adult education opportunities, and drug and alcohol rehabilitation need the attention of both government and civil society. While not all will respond to these initiatives, they are necessary in order to help those who wish to reintegrate into mainstream society.
Police Say 30 Kids Involved In Winnipeg Sex Ring.
CTV.ca News Staff, with reports from CTV’s Jill Macyshon and CTV Winnipeg’s Rachel Lagace , Nov. 3 2005.
[accessed 24 April 2011]
More than 30 children were victimized in what police are calling the largest case of child prostitution in Winnipeg ‘s history. Officers say 20 youths between the ages of 12 and 16 were forced to perform sex acts, while 11 others — some as young as 18 months — may have witnessed illegal sex acts take place in a home in the city’s west end.
CISC 2005 Annual Report on Organized Crime in Canada – Report Highlights [PDF]
Criminal Intelligence Service Canada CISC/SCRC — Research for this report concluded on 2005-07-15 and is based on information available until that date.
[accessed 24 April 2011]
Child prostitution is usually a hidden section of the prostitution market, and thus frequently exists alongside adult prostitution, and is therefore, difficult for law enforcement to identify. Small groups of organized criminals and lower-level organized crime groups are involved in child prostitution in Canada . Prostitution rings involving children under the age of 18 have recently been dismantled in Ontario and Quebec , however, child prostitution is present in most larger urban centers in Canada . Traditional places of activity center around Montreal , Toronto and Vancouver .

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